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In God's Name I praise you and thank you. Please continue to bless our marriage with love and understanding and patience and forgiveness. Dear Lord, please change them and show them your love and bring them back to you, especially my uncle who is in need of you but has no idea of your power. Please show him that you can fulfill his needs if he calls to you, so that he will never leave you; and save him from his alcoholism. Also Lord, I pray for my kid, who is always prone to cough, cold, and fever. Please heal her Jesus and give her wisdom to love you, understand you, and walk in your path.

Protect her from all evil. Dear Lord, our family thanks you for fulfilling our prayer and we love you to the fullest. Please be with us always, and help us always walk in your path. Please help me God. Alastair V. He has cancer all over his body, and the doctors say he might only have a couple of days left. Please pray for him, please.

We dont know what's wrong with him. He's been eratic, aggresive, and other issues. Please pray that the Holy Spirit may take over his life. Please pray that God would save and deliver her soul from Purgatory and deliver her to heaven. She is sick with lung cancer and is suffering from pain and depression. Lord, through the intercession of St.

Peregrine, please heal her, comfort her, and comfort the family, especially the husband and children. We pray for God to bring him back to us and to my brother, wife, and sister. God bless him and please pray for his recovery and for him to see in the morning; and bravery for my family through this devestating time. God bless you all. I ask for prayers so his family will have strength, and for our Lord to heal him. Please continue to keep him cancer free forever! For Steve and Donna, a miraculous healing, as well as for Heidi, a young mom with terminal cancer.

For Lauren and Nick to return to Church and for them to see their selfishness and how they hurt the people who gave them love, care, compassion, education, faith,etc. For all on my prayer list I may have missed. For the lonely, depressed, sad, forgotten, and estranged. For priests, Archbishops, and all the clergy. For more love and kindness in the world.

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For my breaking heart and a reunion soon with my 3 year old grandson. The grief is overwhelming. Please let them see their selfish ways. He made contact with a woman, Renee, who is involve in witchcraft. She has now a complete hold on him, through His mind and heart. He knows God's will, but he cannot break away from her, as she totally controls him. She pretends to be a Christian, but is not. Please also pray for her salvation. Please pray for Mark's deliverance from Renee, as well as for me, as she is putting spells on me.

He's going through some difficult times. Sometimes I feel like he hates me. He no longer prays or reads his Bible. He started sleeping out, losing interest in his kids. Although I will never forget this baby and the lasting impact she left on my heart, please pray that I am able to conceive a healthy baby in the coming months.

My heart has so much love to give to another child, and I pray that God blesses me with a healthy, happy and safe baby. Thank you for any and all prayers. She is 42 with 4 daughters and is having a hard time finding a job due to felonies she got while using.

She wants a job working with animals. Please pray she stays clean and becomes the mom these girls deserve. We recently find out she has cancer. If it is God's will, please heal her. I also ask for prayers for her siblings, children, and grandchildren. Please give them strength during this difficult time.

She will be a caring and good dentist and help her patients. Thank you and God Bless. They started preschool this year and are having behavior problems. My daughter is a single mom and has done a fantastic job with the boys.

But the teacher says they have autism and doesn't want to work with them. Please, please pray that my grandsons and daughter get the help they need. My daughter feels that she is a failure as a mom and is very depressed. God, please bless them and watch over all three of them. As a grandmother it is very hard to see your child hurting and wanting to give up.

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I have faith that the Lord will answer my prayers. I have trouble focusing and remembering new skills I learned the day before. But since my mom got diagnosed with cancer I need serious cash for her treatment. I pray for a breakthrough financially. I pray that my online marketing efforts finally pay off. Please heal them, dear Lord, as my brother has been suffering from mental illness for almost 20 years.

Please save my brother from the illness and medication which is making him worse. Show your miracle in our lives, my Lord. Bless my brother with complete healing, my Lord. My mother needs to be well and strong for his son. Please grant her good health and a long life with more years to come, to see his son well and happy once again.

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My uncles have been suffering with leg wounds. Please heal the wounds, dearest Father.

Dear Jesus, I just lost my father and father-in-law recently and I can't take another loss anymore. Please have compassion and protect us all. Please give me and my husband joy, peace, and happiness with financial freedom to look after our family and people who are poor around us.

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Bless us all my Lord with Your love and grace.